West Coast Whisky

Moonlight Creek Whisky

George Fairweather Moonlight was a legendary gold prospector and the first to discover Moonlight Creek. With gold nuggets the size of potatoes, it was soon crowded with fortune seekers. George wasn’t one to stick around for long, and soon moved on in search of new goldfields. For him, the thrill was the adventure of locating the gold, not gaining wealth.

Like Moonlight, we don’t seek to follow the crowds.

Reefton is an unlikely place to make whisky, but here we have found the key ingredient in abundance. Moonlight Creek is a source of ultra-pure water, located just 40 minutes from Reefton Distilling Co. Prevailing westerly winds bring warm moist air thousands of kilometres across the Southern Oceans towards New Zealand, cooling and condensing as it hits the West Coast. Thick dark clouds move up over the land before dropping heavy rain, filtering naturally through the native New Zealand forest and flowing into Moonlight Creek.

A story of adventure, time, bravery and the unshakeable determination for breaking new ground