Little Biddy Gin – Pink, Summer Fruit Pudding

2c strawberries
1c blueberries
2c raspberries
1c boysenberries
5 sheets gelatine
1/2c Little Biddy Gin - Pink
1c Sugar
2Tbsp sugar
400ml water
Zest of 2 small lemons
4-6 sprigs of thyme
Mint leaves
Sponge cake (purchase or make using your favourite recipe)
Berries, Mint and edible flowers to garnish (optional)
Hull the strawberries and place in a pot with half of the berries. Add the water and 1c sugar, a couple of sprigs of mint and the thyme (stems removed). Bring to a slow simmer and blend with a stick mixer or carefully in a blender.  Return to pot and bring to the boil.  Remove from heat, stir in gelatine and leave to cool.
While the jelly is cooling, macerate the remaining berries, dicing them to blueberry size and place in a bowl with some mint and thyme. Sprinkle over 2Tbsp sugar and a shot or two of Little Biddy Gin - Pink. Mix together and rest until ready to assemble.
For the moulds (Ramekins are ideal, a tea cup would be perfect):  To ensure pudding is easy to remove when set, line the mould with cling film or a quick dip into warm water to loosen the jelly before de-moulding).
Cut the sponge into strips approx. 1cm thick and the shape to line the mould. Lay one layer of sponge in the bottom of the mould - adding a few sneaky splashes of Little Biddy Gin – Pink if desired. 
Spoon in the macerated berries to fill the mould approx. 1cm from the top, then pour over jelly to cover. Top with a sponge disk and pour more jelly to soak into the sponge.
Place in fridge and set for a couple of hours or overnight. 
To Serve:
Remove from the mould and turn out onto a plate.  Serve with whipped cream, a splash of  Reefton Distilling Co. Blueberry Liqueur) and a few berries to garnish.

Chef: Tim Hodges
Photography: Haley Hodges