Cured venison tataki, with smoked apple and leek slaw

200g Venison loin
1 Apple
1 leek
30 ml Little Biddy Gin - Classic
3-4 dried Juniper berries (optional)
3-4 Coriander seeds
1 Lemon
Hemp / Olive oil
Small handful of fresh coriander leaves (optional)
Garnish herbs

The venison needs a day to marinate so best to be prepared the day before.

Remove venison loin from its package and pat dry thoroughly with a paper towel. Remove any sinew with a small knife. Roll in a small amount of cooking oil and then salt and a little pepper.  While heating a heavy cast iron pan.  Once the pan is hot, sear all sides until just the outside starts colouring. Once all sides are seared, remove and cool on a rack and prepare the marinade.

In an airtight container pour the Little Biddy Gin – Classic and 4-5 strips of lemon peel. Add coriander seeds, and dried juniper berries if you have them. Once the venison has cooled place in the container and refrigerate overnight.

Serving time
Remove the venison from the fridge and with your sharpest knife, slice the venison into nice thin slices and arrange them on the serving plate. Lightly salt each piece. A nice portion is around 6 - 7 slices depending how thin you cut them (thinner is better, as it makes for a more tender bite)

To make the apple and leek slaw you can use a gadget to get as fine as you can because it does make a difference (a mandolin is perfect for this, but you could also use the slicing blade of your food processor, or just take your time with a good knife - practice makes perfect!) Slice the apple and leeks into matchstick size slivers. Transfer them to a Bowl to season with salt and oil and some coriander leaves stripped from the stalks.

Make a small pile of the slaw in the middle of the venison and drizzle with oil.  Arrange some petals or herbs for garnish.
Chef:  Tim Hodges
Photography:  Haley Hodges