Hot Blueberry Butterfly Tea

A creative winter warmer using our popular Reefton Distilling Co. Blueberry Liqueur, which pairs the blueberry and local Rātā honey beautifully with the butterfly pea tea.

45ml Reefton Distilling Co. Blueberry Liqueur
1 tsp Butterfly pea flower tea leaves
200ml Boiling water
Vanilla & cinnamon infused cream

Teapot with glass, or tea cup

Brew butterfly pea flower tea leaves in a teapot with boiling water for 3 minutes.
Add Reefton Distilling Co. Blueberry Liqueur.
Strain into a pre-heated glass, then layer with vanilla & cinnamon cream float.

Cinnamon dust
Pair with your favourite biscuits

Tip: Buttefly pea tea leaves can be tricky to find, one to try is Tickety-brew by The Tea Thief as it also contains ginger and lavender, which gives added flavour.

Vanilla & Cinnamon Infused Cream

100ml Cream
Dash Pure vanilla extract
Pinch cinnamon

Whisk ingredients together, or shake in a container until cream has thickened (not whipped).