Feijoa Ricky

45ml Little Biddy Gin – Classic
35ml Feijoa, Kawakawa & Tarata cordial


Build over ice and stir.

Slice of fresh feijoa and a Kawakawa leaf

Feijoa, Kawakawa & Tarata Cordial
500ml Filtered feijoa juice
15g Kawakawa leaves
10g Tarata leaves
500g Sugar
2g Citric acid
2g Malic acid

Add all ingredients to a large jar, shake and rest for 6 hours.
Add to a pan on low heat and stir until sugar dissolves.
Fine Strain, cool & bottle. Once cool, store in fridge.
*Adding 10ml of Vodka or gin will help extend the shelf life.

This cordial will last for weeks in the fridge so you can have a sweet, sour and native botanical feijoa cordial at the ready.