Chocolate Espresso Martini

1 Part Wild Rain Vodka
1 Part Kahlua
1 Part Fresh Espresso Shot
1 Egg White
5 Part Sovarano Dark Chocolate Liqueur
Put lots of ice into a shaker. Pour Vodka, Kahlua and egg white into shaker.
Pour hot espresso shot into shaker, close and start shaking quickly (this will minimize ice dilution from the hot coffee). Shake vigorously for 30-60 seconds.
Pour half of the contents into glass.
Shake the remainder again for 30 seconds (this will help get a nice thick foam on top). Pour/Strain into a coupe glass.
Gently pour a half shot of Sovarano down the side of the glass (to avoid disrupting the foam).
Garnish with chocolate flakes (sprinkle gold flakes on top) and place 3 beans in the middle.
Can be stirred before drinking depending on your taste.